Thursday, 9 April 2020

Psychedelic A&E

I can't afford doing art for a living unfortunately, but looking at the bright side, having a day job means that I can choose to draw only what I like.

A fellow London geek I know sent me the following request:

"My sister works in A&E in London and I would like to order a drawing based on a picture as a surprise gift. I was thinking of her with some psychedelic background".

The kind of stuff I really like :)

The result wasn't what I expected (I couldn't get convincing psychedelic colours with watercolours) but I'm told it was an appreciated birthday present. And I am very glad :)

I was told that just a few days after her birthday, lovely K showed symptoms of Covid-19 infection. I can only wish her a speed recovery and bless one more time all the key workers who are risking their life everyday to help others.

Psychedelic A&E

Watercolours, white gouache and black fiber-tip pen. Size: A5.

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