Sunday, 3 September 2017

My Glass no Kamen fansite mentioned on Japanese magazine AERA!

An article mentioning me and my website dedicated to the manga "Glass no Kamen" in 28 August 2017 issue of Japanese magazine AERA.

Maya no Garasu no Kamen

Those who know me well know how important that website has been for me as it gave me a reason to learn how to make websites (which became my job for many years) and also made me meet a lot of great people (one of which convinced me to move to London!).

It's an old, dated site and hasn't been updated for a while but it used to be well known among the international fandom and even to the author of the manga, Mrs Suzue Miuchi.

It's a massive honour to be mentioned as a big fan. I am so grateful to those who made it happen.

In a few occasions I wanted to close it down because of some nasty fans, but I am glad I did not.

I badly need to find some collaborators as I am determined to work on it again and update it.

AERA magazine - Glass no Kamen article