Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Little Autumn update

So, what happened to this year? How come it is already October?
How come I still haven't managed to found a job? I am so glad I left London, but wow there is a high price to pay!

This month is one of the best of the year. Beautiful colours, important birthdays, delicious fruit... Yay for October!
Also, my very favourite drawing challenge, Inktober, happens to be this month. As some of you noticed or read this on my Facebook page, this year I decided not to take part in this awesome global drawing challenge. It was a painful decision, but I am a very tired full time job seeker at the moment.

Anyway, last weekend I had the pleasure to visit the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal and it was a nice birthday treat! The town is lovely and the events very inspiring!
I saw amazing Craig Thompson again and quite a few artists I know from the London comics environment.
I attended a couple of very fun workshop.
This is my contribution to a collective Halloween/politics-themed drawing created in a workshop run by Martin Rowson.
Featuring scary T May who may kick me out of this country sooner than I expect...

Halloween Theresa May

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