Thursday, 15 October 2015

Another creative update :-)

I love October! It may be because of the beautiful colours of Autumn. It may be because it's my birth month. It may be because the days are getting colder and shorter and spending the evening indoors is quite appealing even for an outdooraholic like myself... For a reason or another, this is one of the most inspiring months of the year.

First off, the Art Aid Nepal project is doing quite well! There are only a few days left in case you want to donate. The first goal was to raise £2000 and this mission was accomplished. So the project is viable. The hope is to reach the second goal (£2500) but the first one was the most important. I cannot wait to receive my printed anthology!

My original artwork was offered as a Kickstarter reward for a pledge of £100 or more!

Art Aid Nepal - What does home mean to you? Original artwork by Francesca Mancuso

AMAZING UPDATE! October 20, 2015 - Successfully raised £3,299 with 109 backers! Thanks you all!

More exciting stuff... For the second year in a row I decided to take part to the global creative challenge Inktober. Like last year it's killing me with sleep deprivation but like last year I am enjoying it big times! The theme I chose for 2015 is... Owls, my favourite birds! My online audience seems to enjoy my drawings too. At the moment I am posting my daily updates on Facebook and Twitter but once the challenge is completed I will scan them all and update my illustrations portfolio Colours and Dreams.

Speaking of my Illustration Portfolio, I eventually decided to revamp the website and make it properly responsive. Yes, I am really inspired! I really wanted to change the image gallery, so I used the superawesome Fotorama. Check it out! I will update this blog when I add the Inktober 2015 images.

That's all for now! Wishing you all peace and love ♥