Thursday, 4 June 2015

Little update!

Great news! Sounds like I managed to find some sort of motivation at last... Hurrah! :-)

As you can tell if you are reading this blog, the layout changed a bit...
I finally switched to the Blogger templates, even though heavily customized with as much pink and purple as possible and with my unmissable illustration on the top. I much more preferred using my own template, but I had to switch to the Blogger one so I could have some control on the mobile version as well.
Yes, I am catching up with the times :-)

I also made some improvements to Colours and Dreams, my illustrations portfolio. I decided not to redesign it completely, but I made a lot of changes to it, and most important I made it responsive! It is more usable on mobile phones now.

Geeky stuff aside... Now I can focus on inking all those pages so I can publish them online! Hopefully starting next week...

Stay tuned!

June 24th 2015 BIG Update! Mission accomplished! Now you can read my latest comics booklet: Are you seeing anyone?

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