Friday, 15 March 2013

Orange juice

I am so very proud of myself!!!

Finally my longest project so far has been completed and I started publishing it online! Yay!


Please check "Orange Juice", the latest among my online comics.

There are only 7 pages for now, but I am planning to update it weekly to get to page 65 as soon as possible!

I honestly hope I'll receive a lot of feedback. This is the most personal story I have ever shared and means a lot to me for many reasons.

The feedback I received from the amazing people who read my draft was quite encouraging, and interesting as well since the opinions were very different.

I don't expect everyone to like my story, actually diving the audience would be a sign of success... But I hope even some haters will contact me and tell me what they think.

Thank you all in advance. Have a fabulous weekend. ♥