Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mountains and comics - Life is awesome :)

Hello wonderful readers and happy new year to all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

I know, I am one month and a half late, but hey greetings should be always welcome! :)

I hope life is treating you all well. As for myself, I cannot really complain. The usual winter & post holidays blues hasn't be as bad as usual: now I know that my addiction to the outdoors is such a perfect antidote to it! Escaping the city every weekend might be tiring, but actually gives me so much energy! Only problem is, my productivity and my creative time are more limited than ever. Or maybe not. After all, I always escape to Facebook when I force myself to be at home for some reason :)

It's too early to make a balance of 2013 but so far it's been great! There is already a list of 2 very exciting events that happened this year!

Curiously, both of them included something I find terrifying. Mmmh.

February 2nd 2013: My first winter mountain walk, in stunning Snowdonia, including the infamous Crib Goch! If we don't consider 2 panic attacks, I thoroughly loved every other minute of that weekend. You can see a very happy me in her very first scrambling experience in this photo:

Francesca in Snowdonia - February 2nd 2013

February 18th 2013: My second talk at Laydeez do Comics! The first one was about two years ago at the Rag Factory, near Brick Lane. You can read my blog post about it.

This time the event was at Foyles, Charing Cross. I had more projects to show, some of which are particularly important to me: the The Little Sketchbook of Fears and Orange Juice. Speaking in public always terrifies me, but the lovely audience of comic artists, graphic novelists, illustrators and generally speaking comics enthusiasts was very supportive and nice. I really hope to receive a lot of feedback and encouragement :)
I'll post a link to the blog post on Laydeez do Comics blog as soon as it it published. As far as my comics, you can find them as usual on my website, comics section.

Thank you for reading this. Peace and love.