Sunday, 16 September 2012


Today's post is dedicated to my old friend Cristina Fabian, who is living the dream and is now in Italy to launch "Nishikawa", her first book written together with Sonia Matteodo.

The story is set in 2004 in Japan.
Takaya Nishikawa is a drop-dead gorgeous, half-Spanish and half-Japanese womaniser. He works for the Japanese Secret Services, training young women to become secret agents, merciless killers but also cunning seductresses able to deceive Yakuza bosses.
Irene Fortefiore, a sexy, stubborn 16-year-old Italian girl, wants to become a secret agent at any cost. She is boxing-clever and has incredible shooting skills, a perfect candidate to intrude in Yakuza affairs. She is not aware of her sex-appeal yet, but Nishikawa will teach her how to make use of her beautiful body - guess how...
But are the Yakuza the real and only enemy? Or do the Japanese Secret Services have some hidden plans?


Cristina, like me, grew up with a serious obsession for Japanese anime, which in Italy were extremely popular since the 80s.
She learnt cartooning from Luca Boschi when she was 12.
Together with Elena Liberati (famous among the Lady Oscar fandom for her stunning fan art and fan fiction) she wrote the first chapter of the book.
Then thanks to another friend of hers, Chiara Chiarini, who studied theatre and scenography, other 6 chapters were drafted.
In 1995 Cristina borrowed a computer from a friend, and typed those first 7 chapters of the book.
Then she escaped from her parents and went to France, where she had manga stories published in monthly magazines, and where she met Dennis Hoffmann, who will become the translator of "Nishikawa", French version.
Cristina moved back to Italy, where she continued drawing with Isil Cassaresi and Valentina Ghelli and then finally settled in London, where she completed the book.
10 years later, in Lonson she met Sonia Matteodo, very talented poet and Italian teacher (and lovely lady I also had the pleasure to meet!).
September 2012. The "Nishikawa" is finally available for you to read!

More info at the Nishikawa Facebook Page.

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