Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Night Bus Doodle

My love for markers art is getting bigger and bigger.

They are easy and quick to use, and I totally adore the cartoon-like result. I especially love using the set of grays.

Today I posted this doodle on Facebook and in addition to my lovely friends's support, I received some encouraging feedback from an artist whose work I am particularly fond of!
Her name is Lily Mae Martin and her art is so beautiful that it can move me to tears! Have a look at her website and you'll understand: Lily Mae Martin

Following is the doodle I am now so proud of :)

I must confess that I cheated a little bit. I couldn't draw from life on the bus. So I took a photo of this lovely scene with my mobile phone and made the drawing at home, sitting on my bed.

Night Bus - drawing by Francesca Mancuso

Little big things that make my day :)

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