Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Missing Summer already!

So, I am back to the UK and trying to react positively to the painful post-holidays blues.

Seaside, blue skies, relax, family, good food and sunshine (in other words, Summer) are just a distant memory in this rainy, lonely, stressful, Olympics-busy London.

As I knew already, I didn't have a single moment to work on my personal comics/drawing projects while in Italy or Greece. But now I am back and thinking seriously about it!

I have updated my Illustrations portfolio with some of my favourite works from deviantArt.

Also, I am creating a new website for all my online comics. Once it's done, I'll have no excuse and I will start working on my autobiographical graphic novel :)

Stay tuned!

PS. Following is the most beautiful photo of my Summer holidays 2012. Art-directed by me, taken by my brother, it shows the beauty of the coloured pebbles in Samos, Greece.

Francesca Mancuso - Samos 2012