Sunday, 22 January 2012

Craig Thompson!

Let's face it. I'm not a teenager any more. But tell my brain!!! :)

Yesterday January 21st 2012 one of my very favourite graphic novelists of all times, Craig Thompson signed copies of his latest (awesome) work "Habibi" at Gosh! Comics, London.

An event I couldn't miss. I managed to avoid telling him how much his works affected my life and so on, not only because there was a crazy queue waiting and because I felt embarrassed by a lot of people taking photos of the event, but also because he probably hears this every day by zillions of people.

Anyway, I did sat next to him for maybe a minute or two and the obsessed fan girl in me is very excited :)


Also, he didn't need me to spell my name! I love this man. I really do.

My copy of Habibi signed by Craig Thompson!

Craig Thompson will be in Angoulême. So will I. And the world and his dog. Still, maybe I'll have a chance to see him one more time :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Points of view :)

Something I found very interesting. Hopefully I am not the only one :)

On May 2011 I had the pleasure to be blog-guest for the Laydeez do Comics monthly meetup. I wrote the blog post and added some sketches I made during the event.

I happened to see the drawings Lucy Bergonzi made on the same day. We weren't sitting far from each other and this is our view of the first row :) (the first sketch is mine, obviously)

Laydeez do Comics Audience - sketches by Francesca Mancuso and Lucy Bergonzi

Thanks Lucy for sending me her drawing!:)

Anyway. Next week I'll have my 2nd Angoulême experience and I am so looking forward to it! Anyone else is coming?