Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Angoulême 2011

I am so glad I made it.
Freezing cold, crazily busy, impossibly crowded. But it was all worth it.

Highlight of this amazing long weekend:
My best friend and I, on the first row, listening to divine Riyoko Ikeda sensei.
And getting an autograph!

Riyoko Ikeda sensei at Angouleme 2011

Oh, and a photo of me, or I'd better say of my Pucca bag, appeared in the Angoulême Festival Official webite :)

Myself seeing Riyoko Ikeda sensei at Angouleme 2011

Original URL of the image:
Rencontres Internationales avec Riyoko Ikeda. Le public.

Angoulême Festival - Official website


Unknown said...

Hi, it's me, Ecchan!! :)
You got the autograph, yes!!
I can easily feel your excitement. LOL
Japanese "manga" is forever.
I love her "Beru-Bara"(Versailles no Bara), too. It is just a great work. We were great fans in our high school days. Ohhh, memories...
I also enjoyed the photos in Flickr site. Thank you.
God bless you. Bye.

Francesca Mancuso said...

Ecchan :)
Thank you very much for your comment.
I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, Berubara is one of the mangas who changed my life.
Yes, good times :)
Best wishes.
I'm always happy to hear from you.