Thursday, 8 October 2009

Site of my life - Maya no Garasu no Kamen

So, I am being so rubbish at updating my blog.
My health is getting better, yet I am so tired that my billions of exciting ideas remain all in my head!
I seem to enjoy sleeping more and more every day!
(And eating, of course. But I have always loved eating so it doesn't count)

Anyway, today I want to make a nerdy announcement.
About 1 month ago, after 6 years since I bought, I moved its hosting from Windows to Linux!
And I even bought some database. I haven't used it yet though.
In the meantime, I am tidying up the code of all the web pages.
The plan is changing all my websites from html to php.

All of this will mean absolutely nothing to you, but it makes my life so much easier when I have to keep my sites updated. And it renovates my enthusiasm. I even bought a new laptop (at last!)

If only my days had 36 hours, all the broken links will be already fixed, all the sites in would be already in php and all my fanlistings would be database-driven.
Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, was it? And look at the magnificent result :)

So, today I want to celebrate once more, the site that actually changed my life
Maya no Garasu no Kamen

Thanks to "Glass no Kamen" the manga, many years ago I found a strong motivation in self-teaching html and building a site to share all the info I could find with the fans from all over the world.
Thanks to the manga and the fan site I built, I happened in different ways to meet my best friends, to find amazing pen pals and to receive excellent works from stunning fanartists.
Thanks to the site I built, and all the encouraging messages I received from all over the world, I happened to believe in my dreams again.

So, since 99% of my blog visitors are actually Glass no Kamen fans, I want to thank you all for your precious support.
Your feedback, help and collaboration are priceless.

Thank you!