Wednesday, 26 January 2011

OMG what an exciting week!

I might have found the room where I am going to move to in March.
It's the first and only one I've viewed this time, but I am quite tired of room hunting every 6 months.
Also, I would be in Archway (which is a location I like), and I would have to share the flat only with a woman my age, who is vegetarian, into art, yoga and meditation. Perfect flatmate for me!
I asked to view the room again on Thursday (tomorrow), and I will make my decision.
Well, the other flatmate has to make her decision too, but I think we both like each other =)

Also, the new chapter of Glass no Kamen by divine Suzue Miuchi has been published on the monthly issue of Hana to Yume. You should know how much this manga means for me =)
Well, as far as the relationship between Maya and Masumi, this chapter is the most exciting so far!
I have just read the summary my wonderful Ale-chan wrote on my good old Italian forum and I am going to translate it as soon as possible. I almost fell oft my chair when I read it.
My goodness, 46 volumes and I still adore this manga. Ok with highs and lows, but now is definitely one of the 'highs' =)
I hope the chapter will stay the same when the official volume 47 is published. Please, Miuchi sensei!!! =)
Stay tuned fans of Glass no Kamen, my fansite is going to be updated as soon!

Last but not least, I took Friday off. I am going to take my first Eurostar to Paris, and then the TGV to ANGOULEME to see the international comics festival! Yes, I am following my dreams, as usual =)
I will be couch surfing because I don't know anyone in there and everywhere was all fully booked.
I bought a sleeping bag since there will be about 8 couch surfers in the same house and I don't think there are many sofas! LOL!
I'm a little scared but also very excited!
Oh and my best friend Cecilia is there already, so we will meet on Friday afternoon and hopefully Saturday morning.

Life is ace =)

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